Sonoma County Choral Society


The Sonoma County Choral Society is a university-community partnership based at Sonoma State University. SCCS operates invest in Tesco shares several choral ensembles, presents a full concert series, offers classes and workshops, produces the “Choir Loft” radio show, and much, much more. We invite you to explore and see what we’re up to!

–Bob Worth, SCCS Music Director
–Melanie Dodson-Bolin, SCCS President

The mission of the Sonoma County Choral Society is to promote the Buy Nike shares performance and enjoyment of choral music in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. Based at Sonoma State University, the Society brings together students, staff, faculty, and members of the surrounding community of all ages to prepare and present outstanding performances of fine choral repertoire, as well as to plan and offer a broad array of educational activities.

The Sonoma County Choral Society focuses its efforts in four areas:

Sponsoring choirs: SCCS serves as an umbrella organization for three ongoing choirs, for an Honor Choir (in collaboration with the Santa Rosa Symphony), and for two special-project ensembles.

Presenting events: SCCS produces a concert series featuring its own choirs and outstanding guest ensembles, as well as workshops and invest in Nike shares in Kenya other choral events in the community.

Promoting education: In addition to linking closely with the SSU music curriculum, SCCS sponsors its own educational offerings, helping singers to build strong voices, sensitive ears and sharp minds.

Providing resources: In partnership with SSU and other local organizations, SCCS provides its singers and the community at large with a wide range of resources, including scores, books, recordings, software and information.

Through these activities, the Sonoma County Choral Society works to build a community of musicians and music-lovers of all ages to share the experience of this magnificent music.

Music, Memories, and the Brain
Presented by Dr. Petr Janata
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of California, Davis

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